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Beyond Web 2.0(partI): Introduction 0

Beyond Web 2.0(partI): Introduction

The last 5 years has seen the growth of social media, user generated content and revolution of hardware made with web2.0 in mind. It has been the era of facebook, twitter, youtube just to...

Code Now, or forever hold your keys. 1

Code Now, or forever hold your keys.

Kenya has never been the best place for a budding tech innovator. Not enough capital to start, not enough incetives from the goverment , and a market that is not well positioned or perhaps...

iPad it is! 0

iPad it is!

Apparently Jobs’ job is done. And now as our year long curiosity turns into excitement for the latest and most eagerly awaited Apple product, a new era of media hardware has been ushered in....

I am, therefore He is 0

I am, therefore He is

Beyond the equations, outside the scientific norm, or that which is reasonable, a significant factor looms. A constant that seems to be the driving engine f all that is known, a constant that seems...

explorers 0


“We are explorers of the universe trapped in a one of its kind dying world looking back into time past and extrapolating into time future while largley oblivious of our own time”