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Django Auth Module

Django Auth Module

Django Auth is a simple app for user authentication with Django.

It does the following: login/logout, register, email + SMS confirmations with Twilio


The repository is available here : https://github.com/nickhargreaves/django_auth

Quick start
  1. Add “django_auth” to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::INSTALLED_APPS = (


  2. Include the django_auth URLconf in your project urls.py like this::url(r'^django_auth/', include('django_auth.urls')),
  3. Install Twiliopip install twilio
  4. Add Twilio to your requirements.txt file
  5. Go to your settings.py and add your Twilio credentials at the bottom of the file
    # Twillio settings
  6. Go to your projects main urls.py and add this to your URLurl(r'^django_auth/', include('django_auth.urls')),
  7. Run python manage.py migrate to create the django_auth models.
  8. Start the development server and visit

You can try out the demo here https://hidden-reef-1355.herokuapp.com/