"I'm Not Convinced We Know Anything"

An Ode To The Seas


As early as my teenage years I always pictured my adult self living right next to a beach with my golden retriever and Cupid knows who else 😉

But imagining an experience and actually living it are oceans apart, so to speak. There’s nothing so beautifully grand and poetic as the waters.

The waves visiting the shore and making their way back, the currents crashing at the banks, and the waters stretching into the horizon and beyond.

Picturing it go around the earth and covering nearly all of it. Knowing that this is where it all started, where we all came from.

That this is the womb of life as we know it. And then it feels like the ocean itself is alive.

Breathing… singing… feeling…

Marvelling at creation, sustaining it,  being one with it.

I could easily sit on the sand and stare into her forever. For it was the most connected I’ve ever felt to anything.

 An Ode To The Seas