"I'm Not Convinced We Know Anything"

#KenyaDecides, So Let’s Play Pretend

#KenyaDecides, So Let’s Play Pretend

Let’s play pretend, that the Jubilee and CORD coalitions were created by parties coming together because of their similar policies and not to aggregate tribes for voting blocs.

Let’s play pretend, that Jubilee’s victory was because of their impressive manifesto and policies, that their voters read the manifestos and compared them with their opponents’.

Let’s play pretend, that despite Jubilee getting over 95% of the Kikuyu vote and CORD getting over 95% of the Luo vote that we think of each other as Kenyans and not as Kikuyu or Luo or Kalenjin etc.

Let’s play pretend, that there will be a smooth working relationship between other western leaders and a Kenya whose two principal leaders are charged with crimes against humanity. Better yet, let’s play pretend that we do not need a working relationship with them.

Let’s play pretend, that the two presidential debates that cost millions of shillings had a significant effect on voters and that Kenya is now one of those countries where¬†performance¬†in the presidential debates matter.

Let’s play pretend, that the new president and new vice president are going to stay together for the next five years of their term, and will deliver at least half of their campaign promises.

Let’s play pretend, that the new vice president , despite having opposed the new constitution so bitterly, will see that it is implemented to the latter as he promised during the campaigns.

Let’s play pretend, and keep Kenya going for another five years.