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Beyond the comfort zone

When we wake up in the morning we worry about getting to work on time, making money, what to have for breakfast among other mediocre concerns. We live in a world that extends to infinity yet all we see, all we care about are the tiny negligible bits. These bits are what our lives revolve around even though right outside the door lies infinity.
Our planet is one of nine planets orbiting an average sized star within a solar system that is 11,820 billion km wide. We’re surrounded by hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy, some much smaller than our sun, some large enough to stretch from the center of the sun to Pluto. And in between all that are tons of dying stars, black holes with densities so massive they make time curve onto itself, and huge clouds of gas and dust, creating new stars, adding to the already infinite population of the Milky Way that stretches 900 trillion km.
And the Milky Way is only one of hundreds of billions of galaxies, some much bigger, some much smaller, all in a vast expanse that is 400,000 trillion km across, expanding at the speed of light. And as new physics suggests, that may not be the end of it. Our universe might be just one of infinite universes, bubbling through existence. This is almost comparable to the innumerable molecules and atoms that make up the things we see. And just like the billions of galaxies, they require special techniques to be observed. Quite elusive, but when we do observe them we find out that’s not how far down it goes. They are made up of tinier stuff. Electrons, neutrons, protons. And further down, quarks. Bits of matter so small they can fall through a human body without touching anything. They make up a world that defies physics as we know it. They are neither here nor there, they are both here and there and they only exist when we observe them.
What a wonderful world lies outside our comfort zone.

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