"I'm Not Convinced We Know Anything"

A Spark

It starts as a spark, like the bulb suddenly goes on and the room lights up. Behold an idea that will change the world forever. The innovator salivates, eyes wide open excited at the what can be accomplished. It feels like the ultimate step at transforming reality. This is it! It’s far better than the last one, far more exciting, far more practical and way more useful

Anything that stands in the way of execution is either tossed aside or thrashed with all might. Things that are usually distracting are no longer in sight. They become blurred tiny specks at the bottom of a pile of  tasks that are more exciting than anything else. The more challenging the more exciting. Everything else comes second. The stomach can wait a few more hours, the visit to the barber postponed indefinitely. And sleep? What sleep?

Every bit that works properly is followed by a eureka moment building up bit by bit to the final moment where the world changes forever. And then the moment comes , the climax, every piece coming up together to form a whole,  a wonderful creation, a step into the future…tears, satisfaction, and an eerily strong need to show love. And then the stomach rumbles, the urge to visit the barber comes back, and the bed looks more enticing now more than ever before.

The next day the appreciation is very encouraging. But looking around the world hasn’t changed yet: a reminder that that was just a step, more effort is needed, bigger ideas and a stronger will. So the innovator recoils back to reality…a moment passes…and then a spark!

 A Spark