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It’s a New Day

It’s another day. Same places, same people but a different time. In reality no matter how similar it looks to yesterday and more days past, no matter how familiar the environ and the presence of bonds I have created with the people I interact with, the truth is I haven’t been here before. It’s a new day.
The matter looks the same but the interactions are all new to me. I’ve never seen that kid in those shoes, that shirt and holding a banana, walking that street while a white stray dog passes quick behind him being yelled at by Mama Steve all furious at 9.23am. And that moment potentially preceding layers of other moments each a new painting with a deep representation of a new reality. It’s a new day.
A series of billions perhaps trillions or more of interactions out of a possible infinite jungled up together by chance or whatever kind of god one envisions picking up billions of interactions stirring them in a magic pot into a fine unique mix. It’s a new day.
Anything is possible, some of the interactions not great, some extremely awesome, some might change my life forever. Every new second, new interactions, new possibilities. Am I going to keep my fears from yesterday or brush them aside replace them with new hopes, am I going to pull my dreams closer or push them further out into the future? And why does the future matter if it doesn’t exist? Why does yesterday matter when it no longer is? Why ignore today when it is all that is? Why not make that dream come true today? Why not live those dreams today? Isn’t a new day what we yearn for? Well, it’s a new day.

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