"I'm Not Convinced We Know Anything"

Beba beba – Kenya’s matatu life

Beba  beba, come on in, hurry hurry,
There’s a seat for you, for all of you, it’s a direct bus, it’s  only 30/-,
We leave in a minute, the seats are all taken, just squeeze there, but it’s only 50/- ,
We leave in a minute, just one more guy, and we are off.
We leave in a minute, after you pay your money, no refund, no matter what.
Off we go, no seat belts, hold on to something, it’s for your own good.

Yes, we’ll slow down in a minute, after we overtake that guy,
One more minute, two more, darn there’s a lot of them,
Sit tight, it’s a bumpy road, he said he’d fix, if we voted him in again,
We already did, that was four years ago, and he wants our votes again.

Oh look, it’s traffic police, is that a new guy? No, it’s Odhiambo and Macharia,
We’ll give them a hundred, they’ll split, they’ll let us through.
Jambo Odhiambo, Jambo Macharia, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Here’s a hundred, have a good one.

This is our stop, it’s okay , we’ll transfer you to a direct bus,
We’ll pay them your money, you’ll get a seat we promise,
Beba beba, your fare is paid, grab a seat, we leave in a minute,
Hold on, the road gets worse.
Where’s your money, who paid, when,
I don’t have your money, give me your money, or hit the road.

Oh look, passengers by the road, we have to stop for them, and the others further down,
Move move, a Kenyan needs your help, don’t be greedy, this space can fit more,
Hurry hurry, beba beba, come on in,
There’s a seat for you, it’s a direct bus, it’s only 30/-.

 Beba beba – Kenya’s matatu life