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Is God an unintelligent designer or just a sadist omnipotent?

One of the most important attributes assigned to gods and most notably the Christian god is omnipotence(all knowing). This means that he/she knows the present the past and the future. Now as the Biblical story goes, God puts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. He warns them against eating of the tree of knowledge, which he conveniently puts in the middle of the garden. And there’s is a talking snake (seriously?) in the garden that is bent on convincing the two to act against God’s will. So after giving them them free will and putting the charming and deceitful snake in the garden and knowing exactly what is going to happen after going through all the trouble of creating everything perfectly using his infinite wisdom and knowledge how can he blame Adam and Eve for eating of the forbidden fruit?

Let’s use programming as an analogy. Computer programmers design and code software according to what they expect the software to do, and can predict with 100% certainty the outcome of a program given certain conditions. Every capability of the software that the programmer adds to it will act only the way it is specified in the code. In a normal scenario programs may act “weirdly” due to bugs when the situations are unknown to it or due to errors and such. Now our programmer is not all knowing. So he tests the programme in the situation he expects it to run and in case of errors and bugs he fixes it accordingly and tests it again and so forth until the programme runs perfectly. If he designed it such a way that he knew exactly what was going to happen and he knew that he wouldn’t like the outcome and also with his great skill he knew exactly what to do to make it not disappoint him then he wouldn’t have any right busting anyone’s nuts or burning them altogether in eternal flame when things go wrong later on.

If he was like God, he wouldn’t need to test it a million times though. He would just know how to go about it designing it properly the first time so that nothing unexpected happens when it’s running. So here we have a situation of an all powerful all knowing God who created humans and saw that they were good and then he gets pissed at how they turn out and condemns them to eternal torture for that. I could go on to say that what we have in this case is a sadist omnipotent, but then again he is just a myth created by bigoted control freaks that were 2,000 years less intelligent than the generation that created “Big Foot” and “Little green men”. Oh, wait that last one is real. Or is it? I don’t know but that’s a more 21st century conversation.

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