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Beyond web2.0 part 3 – (3D social networking)

Unlike the mainstream social networks that dump all our
interaction in a 2D space, some unconventional platforms
like SecondLife literaly take networking to a higher
dimension. They are the way of the future. When I joined
facebook back in 2008, I was excited about the idea of
virtual friends, virtual communities, virtual interactions …
Things like X has poked you was fun. But that is not
enough. Just how “real” can it get? Enter the 3D
SecondLife, the future (?) of social networking. SecondLife
has a client program called the SecondLife viewer that
enables its users, called Residents to interact with each
other through avatars. Residents can explore, meet other
residents, socialize and participate in individual and group
activities, and create and trade virtual property and
services with one another, or travel throughout the world
(grid). Built around the software is a three-dimensional
modeling tool based around simple geometric shapes that
allows a resident to build virtual objects. Other
technologies similar to SecondLife include Entropia
Universe, Active Worlds, Kaneva and many more. This kind
of technology already has great applications in countries
with broadband internet. For example researchers in
SecondLife favor it to traditional elearning2.0 because it
is more personal. A typical day in SecondLife will feature
dozens of live music performances as hundreds of
musicians DJs perform on a regular basis. Other
applications of SecondLife include scientific research
collaboration, live theater, art exhibits and so much

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