"I'm Not Convinced We Know Anything"

I am, therefore He is

I am, therefore He is

Beyond the equations, outside the scientific norm, or that which is reasonable, a significant factor looms. A constant that seems to be the driving engine f all that is known, a constant that seems to define purpose and breath life into meaning.

Yesterday we walked out of the caves, shed the animal skin we had for clothing and moved in to our precariously crafted marvels we call homes; some towering into the diffuse atmosphere, almost nudging the clouds, some made of glass, and even others floating at super speeds in the vast emptiness that exists miles from the surface of Generation after generation, inventions after discoveries stretching throughout all fields of study, plus an undying desire to do, to perform, beter than the others withn our generation, much better than those in the generation before us and to set new standards for those after.  We do our part, with all the skill and manpower, and retire to our graves leaving the rest for those left. We mourn for a minute, fill the gap and jump back o the train, casue life must go on. We are no more than the termites and the ants, the bees and the wasps that work tirelessly building their anthills and hives; to sustain themselves, to protect their species and to play their part a long as they live.

A kid is born, it grows (or not), it educates self(or not), it gathers skill to earn a living (or not), it  falls in love(or not0, it marries(or not), it bears children(or not0, it dies. Among us there are the workers who will carry on their duty to build the anthill., there are the kings who will rule us as we protect him, there is the queen who will do what she has to do to ensure propagation of the colony’s genes. We are not the same. Everyone is defined. Everyone exists at a certain time and space with a certain ability or disability. There is a definition. There is a structure. There are rules.  There is a purpose. And every being, every element within the structure has a purpose. Eac element, which is a being, is like a function within a computer program. Each function has a purpose. To do, or not to do, depending on the scenario. Then their is the programmer. The designer. We are, therefore he is.